Friday, August 1

I've gone soft.

Rambling post ahead, feel free to skip if you came looking for anything insightful.

So I'm bad at holding grudges and at caring about territory. This is what I've learned in my last year of EVE, I kind of knew it before, but now I'm sure.

I don't care who my EVE neighbours are, or what they enjoy doing in their EVE time, the only relevant knowledge about them for me is; do we shoot each other, ignore each other, or help each other when we meet each other in space? And I'm fine with any of those really as long as we're all being semi-civilized about it.

Once I was all about shooting anything that moved.

These days I pretty much ignore carebears in space unless they are running a site I want (I'll attempt to take it from them) or they do something to provoke my (very fleeting) ire. I don't even bother to try and shoot miners in lowsec any more, they're not causing me any harm and I don't get enough satisfaction from killing them to put in the effort of trying to catch them. I'll still murder them in 0.0 though, mostly because I enjoy the hunt there for some reason, don't ask me why it's different, it just is (to me).
I don't even scan down most missioning bears any more. I can't steal a mission and blowing up a rail fitted Megathron hardly counts as an accomplishment. I'll make an exception if their killboard history reveals a tendency for flying overly shiny ships (hey I like faction modules as much as the next person) but otherwise I'll leave them in peace pretty much nowadays.
Unless I literally land on top of you by random chance (like what happened to a Hurricane this week) I'm pretty much going to leave your carebearing ass alone as long as you aren't touching *my* DED sites.

I still like to PvP, but when that mood strikes me these days I just go out and look for other people looking to PvP or gangs clearly intent upon this. The quality, or what I perceive as such anyway, of kills matters to me, the quantity not so much. One of those things that never ceases to amaze me is the rage I sometimes see in solo PvP channels about FW plex farmers and the lengths people are willing to go through to catch them. Seriously people become furious, it is amusing.
Once upon a time I used to chase them, but not any more, not for a long time, the second they warp away the first time I just leave them be and go on my merry way. I have no real interest in killing a barely fitted ship and I'm probably missing out on a far more interesting fight elsewhere while I'm chasing it anyway.

Apparently the mere prospect of a kill mail is no longer sufficient motivation for me to expend effort.
I've gone soft. And I'm oddly fine with it.

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