Wednesday, May 14

Yippee for wormholes \o/

Yesterday CCP Greyscale announced a change for EVE Kronos that while seemingly minor is probably the single best thing that happened to small gang and solo PvP in a while.

This is HUGE because wormholes are a major mode of transportation for some of the better roaming corporations and alliances in EVE. While 7-2 as a corporation isn't particularly big on the practice, I personally have been using wormholes to explore random locales for a while now.

I'll try to explain why wormholes are great for getting around for those of you who may not immediately see how huge this is for small gang and solo pilots. Wormholes that lead directly from k-space to other k-space, or bridge holes as I call them are amazing for a number of reasons. I'll list some of the ones that come to my mind immediately.

  • Getting to far away places quickly, this is especially true for getting to remote 0.0. Travelling to places like Cobalt Edge, Period Basis, Omist or Feythabolis isn't very enjoyable if you have to get there from lowsec via gates. Not because of minor 0.0 entry system camps (those are great; you can shoot them!) or anything like that, but just because of the silly numbers of gates you'd have to pass. While the warp speed changes made it a little less painful, in most cases it still took a lot of time just to get somewhere. In addition to that many solo and small gang pilots love that EVE can bring you something new and unexpected every day. So a wormhole to some random new place is cool all by itself just because of that.
  • Avoiding intel channels, most 0.0 blocks have pretty good intel channels and it is hard to get anywhere unnoticed via gates. It's not to bad in N3 space, I think they hate reading intel or something. But if you try to get from Fade to Branch I'd recommend not dragging your feet or you will run into some interference somewhere in Deklein most likely. CVA's providence response fleets are also legendary amongst small gang and solo pilots (they're really bad but also really big, CVA will quite happily respond to 2 people with 40 people...). Solar used to run a pretty tight intel channel too, back when they had space. Wormholes however greatly increase your chances of staying under the radar.
  • Avoiding jump bridge networks. When you roam with a small group in sovereign 0.0 you have to content with home field advantage, especially the CFC & CVA are quite happy to bridge in front of your gangs expected route and camp you in with vastly superior force and they'll bridge back behind you if you turn around. Wormholes provide you a way out other then logging in space till they grow bored.
  • Being an unknown yourself. This can be quite a good thing too. If you live somewhere for a long time people know you, and they know what you like to fly. People in Molden Heath know who 7-2 are what we do and what our fleets tend to look like and who our FC's are (so they know who to primary first :P). And if I see a a random Drake in Molden Heath and TEXN's titan is logged in I *know* that it has a cyno. Or for example if I engage a Turn Left duder or dudette in Ostingele I know there's a pretty good chance it'll have an oversized afterburner fit. If you suddenly appear in a region where nobody has ever heard of you, you just scored a minor victory in the intel department, though obviously this goes both ways. So that is another reason wormholes are nice.
  • Supply. The drone regions are completely devoid of any NPC stations meaning that if you want to reship or dock for repairs, well, you can't. Again wormholes can offer a solution by providing you a quicker route back to civilization.
  • And lastly a non-PvP reason; income. It's relatively easy to run 7/10, 8/10 & 10/10 DED sites with 2 or 3 people in PvP fitted ships. A wormhole to 0.0 means I can quite easily go and protect some renters from dangerous NPC rats. At the minor cost of any loot I may find of course, but that seems like a fair price to charge for saving their care bearing boats from inevitable destruction ;-)

So thank you CCP Greyscale for this really nice change, I am quite excited abut EVE Kronos now. 

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