Monday, April 7

CSM 9 Endorsements

Yeah, it's that time of the year the again! So like last year and the year before I'll share my CSM endorsements for those of you that care.

My top endorsement is Sugar Kyle, this likely won't surprise anybody that knows she's my corpy but that's hardly the only reason I'm endorsing her. She's one of the most open minded people I've ever met and she's pretty eloquent too! Not even just in EVE and on the forums but in general, something I can attest to because I had the pleasure of spending some time around her last Fanfest. I know she'll represent lowsec well and be a hard working valuable member of the CSM, I've never known her to do anything half-arsed so she has my full confidence in this.

The Pirate Queen of my Heart
My second endorsement will come as a little more of a surprise to many (though it shouldn't) and is Gorski Car. He's the only candidate running who has stated he'll look out specifically for the interest of solo PvP'ers and he has the game knowledge and ability to be able to back up that claim. Which makes him my 'natural ally' pretty much! Also I don't think that anybody that has ever dealt with Gorski has any doubt he'll voice his opinions and ideas both loudly and clearly.

My third and last endorsement is Mangala Solaris, he was the only candidate last year who went through some effort to reach out specifically to the lowsec community, and that deserves a mention in and of itself. He has also been a tireless content creator and pillar of the community for years now. This puts him in a position where he talks to lots of people and thus should have a good feeling for what lives in the community, never a bad thing for a representative.

Make sure you all go and vote tomorrow!

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