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How to backup your EVE settings or copy them between EVE characters

It is sadly relatively common to hear people exclaim; "#$%%$%^! EVE messed up all my setting again!". Especially patch days seem to fill both twitter and also 7-2's teamspeak with words along those lines.

So I thought it might be nice to do a blog about how to backup said settings since CCP doesn't really have it documented anywhere clearly.*

Also please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog before you go wild.

How to backup EVE settings in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Presuming a default installation, your settings files will located in:


(you can copy and paste that into the windows explorer bar or press the windows key + r and paste it there and press Enter)

You will now see folders named after the various EVE installations you have installed, they're clearly named so you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out which one is the one you normally play EVE on (the default is: c_program_files_ccp_eve_tranquility or something very similar).
Once you open the folder you normally use, there will be two folders; "cache" and "settings".
For a complete backup you want to copy both these folders to somewhere safe like a USB disk/stick or say Google Drive or if you're a little old fashioned burn them onto a CD or DVD.
You can also do a partial backup (and this will almost always be sufficient) and just copy the settings folder as the cache folder can get quite bulky.

Now that you have done this, basically all you have to do next time your settings vanish is copy the backup back into the folder and all your settings should be restored.

If you are trying to copy the settings after installing EVE on a new machine you will first have to run EVE once, login and then close it for this to work.

How to replicate EVE settings over multiple Characters or Accounts

This is a little more advanced, but extremely useful if you're an avid multiboxer like yours truly.

Open up %userprofile%\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE again and go to the proper installation directory

You will see a list of files including some named like;

core_user_#######.dat (<- this has account specific settings)
core_char_########.dat (<- this has character specific settings)

Basically 1 core_user file will exist for every account that you have logged into on the machine you are on and 1 core_char file will exist for every character. So if you have 3 accounts there will be 3 core_user files and if you have all the character slots filled there will be 9 core_char files.

core_user basically has all the settings you can alter under EVE's escape menu, so stuff like auto-rejecting invites is stored here. Also the overview tabs and bracket settings appear to be in this.

core_character basically has all the settings specific to your characters so things like UI windows sizes and locations are stored there, also things like the auto-fill when typing character names on contracts seem to be stored in here.

Now to be able to figure out which file belongs to which account and which character we have to go through a little effort (this is still EVE after all!). The character number will correspond with your unique character ID, the easiest way to find this going to EVE Gate and looking at your character there.
This is Kaeda for example Maxwell you will notice when you hover over her pretty face that a little magnifier shows up in the lop left of the picture when you click that it will take you to a bigger picture of your character for Kaeda that is notice the bit that I made bold in that link? That is your character ID, and it should correspond with the numbers on one of the core_char files.

Basically what you want to do now is to copy the file of the character that you have setup correctly in EVE and rename it with number of the characters you want changed to be setup the same way and overwrite their original files, once you have done this they should all have identical setups in game!

To figure out which core_user file corresponds with the account you want the settings copied from simply log in the account in EVE and the log it out and close EVE and check the file timestamps for the one that just got changed, after that you can just copy it and replace the number with that of the other accounts you want changed (again you can use the file time stamps to identify them) and overwrite the old files.

If you have extensive market quick bars or some such that vary between characters, be careful as these too are stored in these files and you will replicate it from the source file when overwriting the current ones!

For Macintosh

On Mac OS the required files should be in;

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/EVE Online

The process should otherwise be identical, I don't own a Mac however so no guarantees!

For Linux

Somewhere in the relevant wine folder I presume. It will be something like;

/home/<username>/.wine/drive_c/users/<username>/Application Data

But this may vary based on the wine wrapper, basically if you use Linux I'm sure you're tech savvy enough to find some files! <(^_^)>

*disclaimer: the reason I suspect that CCP doesn't really document this anywhere is so that they can change it as they desire, so if you found this blog in some future the information provided may no longer be relevant. I will try to keep it current, but no promises. Furthermore I don't know exactly what is stored in core_user and core_character, what is written above is based of my experimenting with them and nothing more.

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