Monday, February 10

0.0 Bears have an attitude problem.

2014 has rolled around and I haven't blogged yet this year, what better way to get the new year kicked off then accusing some people of cowardice and incompetence ey? Rant incoming!

Every so often some 0.0 Muppet will complain about risk/reward and how there's either to much risk or not enough reward. They're still going on about the sanctum nerf, they're still crying about the changes to anomalies. Meanwhile those of us in lowsec who run far less profitable 5/10 & 6/10's can't help but wonder what on earth they are on about... what risk? what poor reward? are you all on drugs or something? is this some mass hallucination afflicting 0.0 bears? are we playing the same game even?

I go into 0.0 sometimes with the intent to run sites, this past week I've been in Cloud Ring, Fade, Pure Blind & Syndicate. I ran sites in all these places, and the loot fairy hated on me and my mates a lot.

Did I feel like I was at risk? Hardly. Why? Story time!

Once upon a time in XZH-4X (the best true sec in CR for the record) we ran an 8/10 with 9 reds in local an 11 in local next door while in a dead end system. Surely we were promptly murdered by the enraged locals defending their sites? Surely they immediately locked us into the system with bubbles and stuff? No, not really, they cowered in stations before our lowsec aura of dread (in my mind at least that is why). When we had entered Z-Y7R7 from Pure Blind -after stealing all the sites in PB we could find, utterly unopposed- 4 Tengu's tried to flee to G8AD-C one of them didn't quite make it and finally the loot fairy smiled upon us, turns out she's a mischievous pixie I guess. And it would have been two dead tengu's had roigon's client not locked while resolving lock on another one. Oh P.S. that thing about that you can't PvE with PvP fits that's a complete myth, we never ever don't PvP fit. The sites all the way up to 10/10 can be ran just fine by us in PvP fitted ships.

Could we have done the same in lowsec? Can I roll a couple Ishtars into say Shadow Cartels home constellation and start running DED sites hoping that Shadow Cartel will cower in station while I take their things? No chance in Hell. I'm about to have my newly claimed DED site invaded by some serious hardware with murderous intent and I better be ready to defend my precious green-blue Ishtar skin, because if I want that site I'm going to have to fight for it (yay!).

Maybe you are reading this and think, no Keada it's just EXE & SMA, if you had done this anywhere else in New Eden null security space you would have died! Well... Let's do another story!

Once upon a time after having been disappointed with the amount of DED sites in CFC space we decided we'd go steal all the sites in Syndicate 'the home of small gang PvP' surely in an environment where the locals make such bold claims about their home we would not go unopposed while we take all their loot? We chased some dude from clockwork pineapple out of his 7/10 (thank you for clearing the first 3 rooms for us!) no revenge was extracted or even attempted as far as we could tell. Then we went into I-RED's pocket ran two 7/10's, two 8/10's an unrated 10/10 and then did the 3 stage escalation of that site all over Syndicate (oh did I mention we dropped our ESS in nearly every system we passed through?), visiting Anarchy.'s home system in the process, I'll just quote what roigon posted about this over on failheap challenge:
"There us 4 where informed while we where doing content in their home system with 10+ of them logged in station that they now had more members and would more readily engage us. We loitered a bit, but apparently he didn't mean right now."
And then we went home to lowsec with our ships loaded up with the spoils of all this carebearing, ever so slightly amazed that nobody had even attempted to lift so much as a finger to stop us taking their sites. Guess they didn't want those drops anyway. That same evening I read this on twitter my only relevant contribution to that discussion and the reason for this blog post is this.

If PvE payouts are really supposed to be based on risk, then lowsec exploration sites need a HUGE buff. Because risk isn't caused by the security rating of the space it's caused by the amount of people in that space actively trying to murder you. And lowsec is in that regard infinitely more dangerous then 0.0, a local with no reds in lowsec? Ha, you wish, no such thing. A local with no cloakies? Yeah, you better forget about that too. Intel on what's coming half a region away? Nope, none of that.

That just leaves the title of my blog post I guess, though I think that for anyone that read between the lines it's obvious just what I mean by that. 0.0 bears don't just want their rewards, deep down they want their rewards without having them contested and they don't want to share. In fact they often insist that the best way to deal with intruders in their space is to POS/dock up until the intruders get bored and leave, because if you fight them they'll come back and they'll  mess up your isk/hour even more...
Well you better hope those intruders aren't me and my mates then, because while you POS/dock up we're going to run all your sites and take all your drops before we leave. You 0.0 bears have an attitude problem you whine about riks/reward but you're the most risk averse people in all of EVE.

0.0 carebears: You're a bunch of wimps compared to your lowsec carebear brethren who take far greater risks for far smaller rewards. Harden the fuck up.