Saturday, December 14

Kaeda for Freedom!

It has recently come to my attention that certain elements in the Hevrice system of Verge Vendor are trying to brutally oppress the rights of cloaky faction warfare plexers.

In order to preserve freedom, I Kaeda Maxwell, have taken it upon myself to organize a relief effort to aide this oppressed and wrongfully demonized minority of the lowsec population.

Humanitarian Aid
I have made available Warp Core Stabilizers, Cloaking devices and ECM shockwaves (don't let pesky double scrams ruin your day!) on the Hevrice market to aide you noble farmers, you're welcome.

I'll obviously restock once they have all sold.


  1. Happy under your bridge, I presume? :D

  2. You really care about the little people!!!!
    I am impressed K.
    Wait........are you profiting..............???