Wednesday, October 9

SOMER Blink pays for my ships.

Well sort of, anyway.

With the recent controversy surrounding SOMER Blink (which I won't go into here) I've been seeing some derogatory comments about people on blink being dumb gambling addicts.
Well that's not always the case. I myself buy GTC's via SOMER Blink's affiliate link to Markee Dragon. And I'll explain to you why!

Lets start with EVE Online subscription prices, if you live in a country where they have the Euro an EVE subscription costs €14,95 per month if you pay CCP directly.
However €1,- is worth ~$1.35 (this obviously fluctuates* but between $1.30 and $1.40 is about normal). Markee Dragon's site allows me to pay in dollars. On his website a GTC, which is worth 2 months of game time costs $34,99.

From Markee Dragon: $34,99 GTC (== €25,90 == 2 PLEX == 2 months)
From CCP Games: €14,95 per month so €29,90 per 2 months.

So when you normally pay per month and you buy a GTC from Europe and pay in $ you end up paying ~€25,90 which is €4,- less then paying a subscription directly to CCP so you end up saving €2,- a month.

Now how does SOMER Blink factor into this? Well every time you buy a GTC via their affiliate link you get 200 million ISK in bonus credit, or 250 million if they are running a promotion.
So by paying my subscription with GTC's not only do I save myself €2,- a month on the price of a subscription in this scenario I also get some SOMER Blink credit to play with.

Now I personally have 5 active EVE subscriptions. That I tend to pay for 6 months at a time. That's 1 GTC per 2 months, so 3 GTC's per account times 5 making for a grand total of 15 GTC's.
That's 200M per GTC, 15 times 200M in bonus comes down to 3 Billion in blink credit and blink gives you and additional 200M per 4 GTC's bought in a single go adding another 600M for a total of 3.6 Billion in blink credit.
With that much credit you can buy all the tickets on a Rorqual, or any carrier or dread.
So I spend $524,85 (€387,92) on Markee Dragons site to keep my 5 accounts subscribed. As a bonus I receive the equivalent of at least one Rorqual in blink credit plus a little leftover.

Now CCP does give you a discount if you pay for 6 months, you pay €71,70 if you pay for 6 months in one go. So if I use that offer I pay 5 times €71,70 which is €358,50 which you would be correct to point out is €29,42 less then buying the GTC's. But now if I wanted to go buy a Rorqual by converting PLEXes I would have to buy another 5 PLEX minimum to afford that Rorqual, making the SOMER Blink method come out ahead.
Furthermore if you want to be a little more shrewd you'll wait to buy your GTC's till blink runs a promotion and collect 50 million extra per GTC (15*50= 750 million in extra bonus credit) it's also not uncommon for the € to $ exchange rate to go as high as $1.37 per Euro making it an even better deal yet.
As a nice extra you'll have more Blink tokens for promo's and bonks then you know what to do with as well.

I however don't fly Rorquals or carriers or dreadnoughts, 3.6 billion in blink credit will also buy you around 100 - 120 assault frigate hulls on SOMER Blink, incidentally I don't actually manage to lose that many in 6 months. I'm far from risk averse to. Basically the blink credit I get from buying GTC's pays for most the hulls I fly and lose during the period I buy GTC's for! Blink quite literally is my Jita (well except for fittings that is of course).

So there you have it, not everybody that blinks is a degenerate gambler.

*You can easily check currency conversion rates here.


  1. Where exactly do you factor in that the price of paying a recurring 6-month subscription is €11,95 euro per month, instead of the quoted in your article price of €14,95?

    1. Fine, I was so angry at your math at the beginning of your post that I was too hasty to reply...

      But you are blatantly writing this with the intent of "proving" that "you get something more". All you get, in fact, is more reason to keep gambling your "earned" isk. Congratulations. You're just feeding your (perceived or not, kicked in yet or not) gambling addiction.

      It's like trying to argue that you "use your money wisely" by going to casinos, because they have a buffet...

    2. I don't follow you. See I spend the money for my subscription anyway, so I'm not spending any *extra* money (I'm now spending it over at Markee Dragons, otherwise I'd spend on CCP's website but spend it will be either way). And I don't deposit any ISK in game into SOMER Blink. If you buy all the tickets on a lottery, there's no chance component (you always win). And even if you buy half the tickets on say 10 wolfs over time you'll statistically win 5, again no chance involved.

      So how exactly am I gambling?

    3. kaeda has not yet discovered the magic of tables to structure numeric data for comparison, so I can understand the confusion. Especially with this fonts weird baseline for numbers.

      As for the rest of your comment. LOL. I especially like your leap to "gambling addict" that's classy.

    4. Make me such a shiny magic table and I will promptly incorporate it in the above post good Sir! Since clearly you are a Wizard!

  2. Started using it 3 months ago, even won a carrier with 1 ticket. :)
    Now I only buy 1x60days GTC per month, bonus is 200m blink credit which I can convert into game isk or not - depends if I'm lucky.
    Anyway, since the GTC is cheaper than paying the monthly subscription to CCP it's a win win situation for me.

  3. Dont forget, that you can also convert the 3.6 Bil in PLEX's which would give you something like 5 Plex's.
    So, you could almost get a sixth free account...

    1. Oh that's an excellent point actually, never occurred to me!


    But I'm smart enough to recognize a good deal when I see one. Expect me to chat you up when it's time to buy my first batch of whatever it's called... GTC?

  5. Wow, that's some nice thinking there Kaeda. Thanks for sharing it with us lazy sods. =)

    Do you actually gamble or just buy all the tickets you can get?


    1. Depends on the thing. Really pricey things (tech 3, hacs) I just buy everything. On stuff like AF's I buy half the tickets and then chain like 10 on the same ship, over time it works out 50/50 that way.

  6. Since you state you can pay your subscriptions with less real-money but chose not to, what this article basically amounts to is "how do I get the best deal when (legally) RMTing?"

    FWIW you aren't accounting for the vast loss you take when cashing your ISK out of blink and back into Eve. For instance, buying all the tickets on a Rorqual will see you paying double the going rate than if you picked one up at the lowest rate - other capitals have awful margins as well, since they know people use the big ticket items to cash out. You're paying Somer for the privilege of having paid Somer. It's a neat trick, and when you account for it all your numbers look worse due to opportunity cost.

    I guess "the ISK I pay for myself is free" would apply, here?

    1. Well I spend the same amount of real world money I would otherwise. I spend no ISK in EVE but I end up with an extra pile of ships (as I mention at the bottom of the article I personally cash out on AF's which haven't got quite as bad a conversion rate).
      When I insure said ships in EVE, the payout when they die often covers part of their modules too.
      While it is possible to get more ISK for dollars legally (by paying yearly subscriptions and turning the difference with half yearly ones into GTC's which you then liquidate the plexes) the premises of my blog was to show that not everybody that uses SOMER Blink is a 'gambler'.

      Technically I'm space rich enough to PLEX all my accounts and keep losing ships for a very long time not spending any real money at all. I like supporting what is effectively my hobby though.

      Not saying this is THE best method to get ISK for $, just pointing out it's a viable option :)

    2. Well, you say here "I spend the same amount of real world money I would otherwise" but in the article you freely admit "CCP does give you a discount if you pay for 6 months, you pay €71,70 if you pay for 6 months in one go. So if I use that offer I pay 5 times €71,70 which is €358,50". So, you admite you pay extra, then back it up by saying what amounts to "if you were converting PLEX to isk anyway this gets you more"

      You can also increase this discount by paying for a year, or by buying in bulk though a third party (such as greenmangaming) when they have one of their frequent sales. CCP have recently done a 25% sale, as well - a very significant saving.

      You could pay much less real-money, or none at all, but you chose to pay hundreds of euro, potentially because of the ISK it affords you.

      It's better to admit that, than make up some silliness about "free isk" and "would have paid that anyway" unless you really want highsec miners as friends.

    3. Didn't I just say most of that myself? I pay hundreds of euro's for my subscription however, not for the free ISK I really do just consider that a nice bonus. I also don't PLEX for ISK at all I have made (and make) plenty in game.

      Also there's nothing wrong with high sec miners persé they've provided me with plenty of content in the past.

      And like I stated in my previous comment, I'm not claiming this is the best method at all, I'm pointing out it is *a* method of using blink.

  7. Good stuff K. Am going to follow suit. Thanks for a different look at this whole somer blink thing.

  8. Kaeda, thank you, Thank you thank you thank you. You just made my day :)