Friday, May 17

Mangala Solaris reaches out to the lowsec community.

Shortly after being elected onto CSM8, Mangala Solaris of RvB went and reached out to the low sec community via in game chat. I'm not sure how many people he reached but it made it to me anyway and he also reached Sugar Kyle from Low Sec Lifestyle because she posted his message on the Molden Heath community forums.

Basically he asked us to mail him with any ideas for low sec or any grievances we had concerning low sec so that he could try and make sure that those reached CCP.

I'm not one to slap away a hand reaching out so I just went and mailed Mangala. And reading it back decided that it has enough relevance in general that I should probably just post what I send him as a blog too, so here it is.

On Lowsec and things that I think should be worked on there.

Lowsec desperately needs entry level sustainable active income for new players outside of Faction Warfare. We used to have the 2/10 plexes that some people actually legitimately used for income, but there's pretty much nothing now. Don't say PI, that's 3 weeks training in industry and you wanted to be a pirate not a slum lord.

The reason that this is important is that a lot of people come to EVE drawn in by the promise of being a space pirate or a sort of scavenger on the fringes (thanks FireFly!). But when you're new to EVE and actually brave enough to risk lowsec from the start you'll find that it's really hard to make any money at all, if you're also losing ships (and you should be) it's damn near impossible unless you have oceans of time.
In nullsec this is much less of a problem you can join TEST or Goons day one and benefit form the awesome newbie programs and ship replacement they run, that they fund by means of their passive 0.0 income. In lowsec this option doesn't really exist, while there's plenty of corporations who will happily tutor a starry eyed noob, they have no access to the highest value assets of lowsec to fund such programs, since you know those are owned by 0.0 powerblocks funding *their* ships. Even a pirate corp filled with 100 high skillpoint bittervets has no hopes of holding onto a moon a sov block decides they really want, such is life. The fact that lowsec entities have a hard time living off the land because they can't actually hold the highest value assets is a problem in general, but it really bites young players that once they go below -5.0 and lose access to highsec it becomes extremely difficult to make a living in lowsec outside faction warfare.
The nature of the place means that running missions or anoms there, as a young player is pretty much impossible (the question is not if you will be scanned down, only how fast it'll be done). Again here the 2/10's were actually good once you were past the first room (which requires a key) you were relatively safe to go collect that afterburner/shield boosters that would pay for your next rifter(s).

If there's one thing I could change about lowsec this would be it, I'd find a way to get really young players a somewhat reliable source of *active* income that they can gather in a low sp frigate. Doesn't need to be a pile ~16 million/hour is fine that'll buy you like two T2 fitted T1 frigates that you can the go lose in the next hour. Also that's an income point where it's far enough over what you can make in highsec at that in game age that it's attractive and not so high that it's ridiculous like in faction warfare. Currently if you're young in EVE and want to live in lowsec you're either forced to GTC->PLEX or rely on lowsec bittervet welfare. That's really not ideal.

Anything you could do to bring this to CCP's attention would be greatly appreciated. We need some newbro's out here in lowsec and they need to be able to make a living here!
So there you have it, the thing I thought was worth bringing to a CSM8 members attention. Thank you Mangala for stepping into the void and reaching out to low sec.


  1. Does not yet reached my 2nd Eve birthday count as young?

    Either way having lived in Low-sec right from about my second week in the game I can confirm
    "Currently if you're young in EVE and want to live in lowsec you're either forced to GTC->PLEX"

    Is the only way to support the constant stream of lost ships. The occasional mind numbing foray into FW to orbit buttons or run missions proving this fact.

  2. I'm less than a year old and the main reason (I dealt with being bad, terror, adrenaline shakes) I didn't move sooner is that I couldn't fund it, so I stayed in hi sec building my skills and cash. I got kinda stuck. I'm working on it but I'll be a year old before I make it out of there.

  3. I also would appreciate better isk-making opportunities in lowsec. However, you can do lowsec Radar/Mag sites quite easily as a new player, and they'll net you 16mil an hour or more.
    Of course you'll be scanned down quickly in some areas, but there are lowsec regions which are (as the popular whine goes) almost completely empty. When I started (three years ago) I made good money doing those sites in Derelik, using an inredibly failfit Arbitrator - which I still have <3. Not sure if Derelik is still the right place to do this though.