Thursday, May 23

Back home in Molden Heath tickling Parrots

I have returned home to Molden Heath, and my security status has already entered a steep decline, no doubt on its way towards -10.0.

NPC 0.0  was an interesting experience and I picked up a few neat tricks from the guys and girls in Agony, they also made me appreciate gangs a little more then I used to. But it's not for me.
I need an environment where I can go out and solo without to much fuss and Curse is a horrible horrible pipe full of risk averse people with bubbles and Falcons, not exactly a friendly environment to solo frigates or cruisers. I don't mind the bubbles themselves, I don't even mind the Falcons really nor do I mind the fact that Curse is a pipe, what I do mind is that all those things put together make roaming solo a tremendous pain in the behind.

So I dragged said behind back to lowsec and back to my ancestral PvP home of Molden Heath. I joined Calamitous-Intent [7-2] which has a bunch of ex-RANSM and ex-r1fta pilots, so a lot of familiar faces for me, but there are also a lot of new people to meet and fly with. And they can provide me with both great gang and great solo content, yippee \o/
They're a little light in the EUtz at the moment but I'm sure that can be mended given due time, I actually look forward to helping make that happen (could you please resub SCONE? ktnxbye!).
One other thing Agony taught me -on a slightly more negative note- is what happens when you recruit to many 'green' people into to small a population of experienced players. Agony likes to claim they're not a teaching corp, but I shall have to politely disagree with that claim, they very much are in their current form.
But if I seized up the intentions of what 7-2 is meant to be in the eyes of my new overlord Dirty Protagonist correctly, I will have no reason to worry about the quality of people getting recruited into 7-2. Well they let me in of course, but I'm sure that's just a one time oversight.

Most my stuff has made it to 7-2 HQ now (just waiting on the lovely people in black frog logistics for the last bits) furthermore Kohana's training plan has been adjusted to eventually get into an appropriate capital ship so I can stop feeling under dressed reading the fleet doctrine forums. Other then that I'm all set to go make lots of stuff explode and I'm feeling pretty excited about it all.

Molden Heath has a truly unique community unlike anything I've experienced anywhere else in EVE and I didn't realise how much I missed it until I came home there last week, we're back in business baby!

P.S. moving assets in EVE really sucks so Calamitous-Intent is going to be stuck with me for a long time if I can help it.


  1. Yarr! Corp hopping bean counter!

    (just passing a message on)

    Kettle, pot, etc ....

    You've found a good corp there my friend.



  2. Happy to see you really happy in the game!