Tuesday, April 2

CSM 8 Endorsements

Just a quick blog post to state my endorsements for CSM8. If for some odd reason you feel inclined to care about who I think make good candidates you can continue reading, if not go do something useful with your time, nerd.

My first endorsement is mynnna, he'll hardly need extra votes being the official Goonswarm candidate, but I'm still going to endorse him. I chatted to him a couple times during my short stint for and found that he's both extremely knowledgeable about the game and much smarter then I am. He also genuinely cares about the state of industry outside of Empire space and it is for that reason primarily he gets my support.

This Goon actually does care.
mynnna's forum thread is here (for those brave enough to venture to the EVE-O forums).
mynnna's blog is here.

My second endorsement is going to be Psychotic Monk, for those that have followed me or my blog over the years I don't think I need to explain why. For those of you that don't know, I am a staunch defender of peoples right to 'grief' and force interaction upon others is EVE.
"Eve is terrible when played as a grindfest with the non-interactive mindset that other MMOs encourage, and I notice a trend, both among players and within CCP, that interacting with other players in ways that they might not prefer is somehow evil or undesirable. It is my hope to show CCP that the messy interactions of one group of players trying to get what they want at the expense of another group of players is one of the greatest features of this game and is what allows the stories that inspire players to join or take a more active playstyle come about." ~Psychotic Monk.
Amen to that. For taking that stance alone I would have endorsed him, turns out he's also a good communicator and advocate for keeping EVE a real 'sandbox'.

You can trust a man with a monocle.

Psychotic Monk's forum thread is here (for those brave enough to venture to the EVE-O forums).
His highly entertaining blog is here.

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