Tuesday, October 23

All Good Things...

I had hoped, against my own usually sound judgement EVE would be different. EVE wouldn't be like all those other MMO's I've quit over the last decade and a half. I should have known better I guess.

It always amuses when reading through the various gaming subreddits, fanbois of the latests MMO about to be released in the next few months, they all seem so certain, this MMO, this one is the one they're going to stick with. For sure this time. Three months after said MMO releases the vast majority of them will have moved on. Sometimes after first declaring it terrible on the same subreddit, using words that would make their mother cringe with shame if she were ever to read it; did she really raise this foul mouthed brat?

But EVE may turn out to be no different after all, I came to EVE in 2008 and have been around ever since at varying levels of activity. For the foreseeable future my activity levels however shall drop to almost zero. I'm going to let 3 out of 5 accounts lapse at the end of their term, the other 2 still have over 6 months left on them depending on my actual activity I'll either let both lapse after that or keep Kaeda 'alive' for up to a year depending on where CCP takes EVE come the 2013 winter expansion.

The reason for my departure is a simple one, CCP seems to have gone creatively dead. After 'the summer of rage' CCP went from being an innovative mmo developer to being a developer that listens to the mob, a capital mistake in my opinion, players tend to make really poor game designers.

The release notes for first Crucible then Inferno and now Retribution, don't read like release notes at all, they read like patch notes. None of the last three expansions added any actual new content to EVE Online. They reworked Faction Warfare then patched it several times, they rewrote code on crimewatch, they rewrote code on wardecs, they rewrote code on the bounty system, they rebalanced a pile of ships all of which is great, but none of which is fresh content. So as it stands the last really new content added to EVE were the Sansha incursions, back in November 2010.

And when actually very good game designers who haven't completely surrendered to creative bankruptcy yet (like CCP Greyscale for example) suggest things, the new CCP -apparently very frightened of their own customers ever since the summer of rage- back-pedals so fast at the fist hint of player criticism it is truly astounding.
What happened to you CCP? Where did that agile daring game developer with balls from Reykjavik go? When did you turn into Sony Online Entertainment the bastion of MMORPG conservatism?
Listening to and interacting with the players is great, letting them dictate future development however is not.

For me this is where I 'get off' for now, League of Legends season 3 is just around the corner and I intend to pick up ranked play for the duration of it. Incidentally LoL S3 should end around the same time that we ought to start seeing some clear details on the 2013 winter expansion for EVE. That will be when I'll decide if my departure from EVE is going to be a permanent one or not.
Here's to hoping CCP sees the light again and designs us some awesome new content. I have faith in your ability to do so CCP, please don't disappoint me, be that MMO I stick with after all...


Kaeda out.


  1. EVE was broken. It needed fixed. This is going to take a while with something as complex as EVE is. Avoiding unforeseen consequences is paramount.

    This isn't a themepark, where the players have little to no impact on the world, where they're guided from ride to ride until they've done them all. EVE is a virtual world, a living, breathing society. The underlying mechanics of that world need to work properly or the world doesn't work properly. Those mechanics, and how the inhabitants of the world interfaced/interacted with them, underpin the essence of what EVE is. It is not _just_ a game.

    Before the summer of rage, a lot of the codebase was cluttered with tacked on fixes, tweaks and features, which were causing a multitude of issues for us, the inhabitants of that world. That these are being addressed is the result of 'The Summer of Rage' and it's been a long time coming.

    Does this mean that CCP don't have any creative ideas left to add to the game? No, of course it doesn't. It just means that they're putting their efforts into fixing things before adding new shiny things to a codebase which was desperately outdated. Fix the code and the ease and speed with which new stuff can be added goes up. Adding new code to a bloated and outmoded codebase is just the kind of thing that causes unforeseen consequences.

    Don't go too far, you'll be back ;)

    1. I don't disagree EVE needed fixing and I'm very happy they're doing it, I have a pretty good understanding of emergent game play too. But the 'blockbuster' expansions shook things up.
      I never did an Incursion, but I salvaged so many dead T3's after release and I griefed the hell out them from time to time, so I got (very emergent) game play out of it.

      But for 18 months I've had very little new to do, EVE became a drag both the PvP and the PvE I do; 'same old, same old'.
      As a lowsec resident I was also very disappointed with Inferno, Faction Warfare got all the love the rest of lowsec got none whatsoever (and it doesn't look like it will either *again*) so I'm admittedly a little bitter about that too. There's the GCC change but that's really just 'collateral improvement' from the new crimewatch code.

      And now reading the notes for Retribution it looks like we'll go at least 24 months without new content. All we know about the summer expansions is they're likely reworking POS'es which while also needed is again just another 'patch' and not new content.
      If in 36 months (by the time the 2013 winter expansion should land) there's still no new content, well, to put it bluntly my patience will simply be exhausted.

  2. Once again K, you nailed it. Good luck to you. I'm sure we'll fly together again!

  3. This post gave me a lot of food for thought. I've been chewing over similar feelings of disenfranchisement. I started writing a response, but it exploded into a Freebooted blogpost instead.

    In any case, I'm sorry to see you go, but I can understand why.

  4. Best wishes to you, Kaeda. I hope you see success in LoL Season 3, and I if you do get the urge to hop back into New Eden, we'll be there. o7

  5. I am a bit sad about this Kaeda. You are a top bloke and will be missed. Good luck.