Friday, August 31

BB39; Home is where the alts are

It may sound funny but when you run a lot of accounts (I currently have 5, sometimes even 6) it starts to matter that they're not to far away from each other, because otherwise overhead starts to add up, in both time and ISK.

When you have 3 (2.5 really one is also my links) industry alts that all operate around the same area you don't really want to own 3 separate Viators and 3 separate Occators, that's just silly. In fact I don't want to have to move their respective produce over large distances anyway before it becomes a final product. Besides moving industrial ships around lowsec isn't ideal, evil pirates tend to want to kill them, damn meanies.
The same is largely true of my combat characters I don't really want to buy Kaeda a new Hurricane when I know Kohana has 3 sitting docked in her hangar. I'm enough of a nerd that, that sort of efficiency matters to me!

Since r1fta is made up largely out of soloing nomads (except for a few people who insist we require HQ systems for reasons that are beyond my comprehension) my corp doesn't really tie me to a location in game. The social aspect of it isn't after all bound to a game location, but to chat and a third-party Mumble server.

So home is where most my characters and thus most of my virtual stuff is. That said I do keep some ship stashes spread out over New Eden so that if Kaeda dies 25 jumps into a roam I don't have to pod fly 25 jumps back to grab a new ship, they're my homes away from home I suppose, my New Eden summer houses (or more like garages really).

It's funny when I write it down like this my main activity in game is PVP but the place my combat pilots live (home)  is pretty much just a consequence of where my industry alts do their thing. In case you're wondering where, after my last blog, lets just say it's a nice lowsec/nullsec border area ;-)

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