Monday, July 23

The odd case of r1fta

Most EVE players, the ones that stick around and actively PvP that is, went through some natural evolution in their play style. They start out in hisec running some missions, munching some rocks, doing exploration or whatever took their fancy when they got into the game. Then at some point something happens that makes them venture into PvP, they get wardecced, ganked, they clicked a link to some PvP blog in local, the reasons are many and varied.

Once people get into  PvP however another form of evolution starts, the ships they fly start to change. From humble beginnings in a Rifter (or these days maybe an Incursus or Merlin) they tend to gravitate towards bigger ships. I could write an entire separate blog on the subject, but for now I'll just sum it up quickly. After a period of finding their bearings in PvP people tend to end up flying tech 2/faction cruisers, battleships, tech 3 cruisers, battlecruisers or a specialist role like logistics, bubblers or intercpetors.
What they don't tend to do is stick to predominately frigate hulls for the remainder of their EVE PvP careers.

Some people do stick to frigates however and they tend to be quite passionate about it, r1fta 'collects' these people, we're a corporation who's core precept is frigate PvP. Our pilots do many different other things in EVE but with a very few exceptions we're all first and foremost frigate pilots and a fair chunk of us (about half) are also primarily solo pilots. I am proud to say some of New Eden's very best frigate pilots fly under our banner and almost every month one or two more flock to fly under our black flag.
Somewhat off an oddity apparently, mind you there's other corporations with a lot of frigate pilots (we have great respect for the Tuskers here in r1fta) but none to my knowledge are as exclusively centred around frigate hulls as us. You'd be surprised how many other corporations give us -sometimes quite vicious- smack about not shipping up to 'real ships' and coming to fight them. There's apparently quite a significant part of EVE's PvP population that doesn't consider frigates to be 'real ships'. Our killboard is a long litany proving just how wrong they are about that.

When we are recruiting however it creates an interesting dynamic, while we pretty much shout from the rooftops how much we love frigates and aren't exactly the most modest corporation in New Eden (a certain rival corp ceo from Bosena famous for his stream has even called us 'so loud').
Still every time some people join us who then seem puzzled when they slowly realise that we're dead serious about just flying frigates. And that no we aren't going to ship up to battlecruisers to smash yonder gate camp, nor in fact have any real interest in doing so... Just to illustrate what I mean; we did do a battlecruiser roam once, in Hurricanes, it took poor Dian about a month to convince us and it never happened again since.

Frigate PvP however is really rich and rewarding, nothing really beats the rush of bringing down a battleship or a tech 3 cruiser in a frigate, which it is entirely possible to do. And few things will give you as solid a basis for getting good at PvP as flying and mastering frigates (especially when flying solo) even if you at some point decide you do want to move on to bigger ships (silliness!). Things like keeping up transversal, optimizing range, positioning and cap management will become second nature to you, because you basically have no choice but to learn this. A frigate has little to no margin for error and slipping up means pretty much certain death... I assure you these skills once acquired will continue to give you a significant edge in bigger ships.

I hope I have piqued or rekindled your interest in flying frigates whit this post! Oh did I mention our sister corp the Black Dragon Fighting Society is recruiting? <(^_^)>


  1. I have to admit - one of the most fun roams I participated in was an all-frigate 'Last Man Standing' roam through Providence (many years ago).