Friday, July 13

Ideas for Faction Warfare

Ha what is this Kaeda, writing about faction warfare again while you're not even in it? Uhm, well yes, yes I am! Though I have one of those horrible no guns farming alts in the Minmatar militia now, if you're foaming at the mouth reading that; don't hate the player hate the game. You'd have to be crazy to pass up 120-150 million isk/hour for no effort on a second monitor... I'm not crazy. So I shall abuse the hell out of that till CCP fixes it.

But I do have some ideas on how to make faction warfare plexes and missions more interesting and make system control matter a little bit more.

Multiple dots

Add multiple dots to FW plexes instead of one, have three! The timer would move for the faction that controls the majority of the dots. So if you're solo and you sit on a dot the timer moves for your faction. If one enemy comes in and goes to sit on one of the other two dots the timer stops moving, until either you explode him, force him out or somebody takes control of the third dot. At which point the timer starts moving for the faction that controls 2 dots.

You could iterate on this further by tying the individual dots to different types of NPC spawns, so the plex would start empty and as soon as you activate a dot the other two dots start spawning their NPC type. So maybe you'd have a low dps e-war dot, a close range high dps dot and long range high alpha dot. Or whatever clever combination CCP's game-designers can come up with.
For example if you wanted to speed tank or fly nano ships you'd sit on the e-war dot as you don't want web/scram rats to spawn. Or if you have 2 friends you could do the plex without any npc's spawning at all priming the plex for a fight with other actual players.

Move mission agents into space

Move the FW mission agents out of stations and into space like epic arc and datacenter agents. Furthermore limit their presence to three (or any arbitrary number, but scarcity is key) systems per faction and have them flip sides based on system control. So say you'd have a cluster of npc mission agents in Nennamalia for the Caldari State, but if the system flips occupancy to the Gallente Federation the Caldari mission agent fleet despawns and Gallente mission agent fleet spawns in its place. So the Caldari would now only have two systems with mission agents left and the Gallente would have four.
This would mean that if you want to run FW missions your side has to keep and defend at least one of these systems at all times or loose the ability to run FW missions entirely. This has the added benefit of giving mission farmers an actual reason to aide in the defence of these systems.

Spawn better exploration sites in well defended systems

Defensive plexing needs a reward, but rewarding loyalty points directly would be a deterrent to actually going into the enemies space so that would be bad. So instead improve the spawn rate of regular exploration sites in systems that have had their hostile occupancy kept under a certain level for an extended period of time.
So say if a system has been kept under 20% contested for a week up the spawn rates and quality of DED sites a little so the inhabitants of that system can make some ISK that way. And since the drops from DED sites aren't affected by loyalty point store prices this would also help losing factions with a couple of well defended systems generate some actual income.

Make incursions spawn in faction warfare space too

I have never seen an incursion in faction warfare space. I don't know why this is or if I'm simply wrong, but incursions should spawn there and with some frequency. Because they'd shake things up. Gate camping Sansha rats are something you can't really ignore when it's in your factions HQ constellation. It would add an interesting dynamic if nothing else.


Kaeda out.


  1. They spawn in fw space: I was in placid yesterday and was crying like a child hoping I wouldn't get caught in my plated harbinger.

  2. Large chunks of Placid aren't actually FW space though :) Basically the entire 'south west' of Placid (as seen on Dotlan) is normal lowsec.