Saturday, May 12

The Prize

So while reading the Hulkageddon thread on our forums I stumbled upon a post by our magnificent leader Miura Bull linking to a blog of some dude who ended his post with the words; "Hulkageddon??  Pffft.  Fucking whatever . . ." That combined with some terrible fitting advice would obviously not fail to draw a response.

In the heads of some of my corpies this registered as 'he said what?' and Fulgin Jet and Peri Simone both set about figuring out what the in-game identity of this chest thumping blogger was.

"looking through his blog, he talks of corp mates in an abaddon and a pilgrim taking out Cpt Boomstick's vigil (Sept 23rd 2011).  Cpt Boomsticks killboard reports that he lost his Vigil to an Abaddon & Pilgrim belonging to Disturbed Capsuleers. "
 "Cheers Fulgin.  I went through all that Captain Broomstick stuff too, but then I found this.  
Also x for death squad."
So from digging around the blog we had some clues and one thing lead to another, resulting in finding this screen shot with the cargo hold conveniently open and therefore a readable name, a quick cross-reference did the rest. :-)

Challenge accepted dear Bosporuss, the hunt is on! And thus locator agents where promptly ran.

Quite conveniently, Sinid is only 7 jumps from where we'd be staging from for Friday nights anti-Hulk crusade anyway, so we sacrificed one of our 2 CovOps alts and dedicated it to keeping an eye on our target so we could seize the opportunity if a good one presented itself. And we went about our business of ganking Exhumers while we waited.

And as such things tend to go a good opportunity did eventually present itself. Combat probes where deployed to get a decent warp in and our mighty catalyst fleet punched in course to Sinid and started burning there.

Results where had. We ganked his Hulk which was mining together with a swarm of other Hulks and 2 Orca's, killmail; here. The real prize however turned out to be his pod...

Oh hello, Michi's Excavation Augmentor.
"So, true fact, it doesn't matter a pinch of coon shit WHAT you do with your indy ships.  If some asshole wants to gank you bad enough, you're dead"
-Pointy Sticks (aka Bosporuss)
Truer words were never spoken indeed, however we over here in the Black Rebel Rifter Club would like to express our thanks to you, Pointy Sticks, for providing us with some quality Friday night entertainment and allowing for us to be aforementioned assholes, it was our pleasure entirely we assure you.

Also thank you Peri, Fulgin & ArkReaper for doing the prep work and Dian, Dreksl, Logan, Luna & Peri for being part of our little 'death squad' and making this happen.


Kaeda out.


  1. +1

    This dude might want some revenge now though.


  2. Excellent gentlemen. Excellent. Another perfect example of what makes Eve so great.

  3. That will teach him to talk shit about my event

  4. Dang, beaten to the punch. I was planning to gank this guy myself. Good job.

  5. Epic! I enjoyed eavesdropping on vent at work while you guys put this together. Nice job!

  6. Hopefully this bar of soap to the mouth will clean up his language when posting to the interwebs.

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  8. Well the Tuskers may have beaten us to the kestrel hulk gank but this is full of hulkageddon based win!

    Wish I hadn't been out of town this weekend now!

  9. ""So, true fact, it doesn't matter a pinch of coon shit WHAT you do with your indy ships. If some asshole wants to gank you bad enough, you're dead""

    I'll remember this quote the next time I see some self-righteous griefer telling miners "it's your fault for not tanking your Hulk."

    Thank you for that. :)

  10. BTW, My 120 man mining corp Dark Fusion Industries has only lost 2 Retrievers so far and nothing else. My thoughts?

    "Hulkageddon what? Pffft whatever."

    1. Not seen you guys a lot around Molden Heath lately, where did you all run off too after CKLM stole all the things?

  11. That's freaking awesome!

    Also, I think he is a little mad

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and well argumented opinion.