Monday, April 16

Genos Occidere 'Daily Roams'

Leeloo of Genos Occidere has started running a channel called 'Daily Roams' in EVE.

Basically the concept is this; Somebody from HYDRA leads a roam out into nullsec and you can join provided you pay a minor ISK fee (10 million at the time of writing this blog) and you bring one of the ships requested. The ships requested are listed in advance in a thread on the Genos forums a link to which can be found in the in game 'Daily Roams' channel. Times, dates and such can also be found in this channel.

I have been on two of these now and enjoyed both quite a bit. They're not educational roams as such, you might obviously learn a thing or two,  but teaching doesn't appear to be intent of them. On both roams I went on people were expected to have an idea of what they were supposed to do with theirs ships and there was no 'holding peoples hands'.

They're normal 'serious' nullsec (small) gangs and nothing like say  RvB ganked.  The intent seems to be having good fights in properly fitted ships and preferably winning said fights. Not to whore as many mails as possible before whelping like a bunch of space clowns...

If you enjoy decent nullsec roams with proper gang & fc but aren't able to get that from your own corporation or alliance (because say, they're all frigate solo nutters...) but have decent understanding of the ships you fly and how to fly them, I highly recommend you check these roams out some time as you will probably enjoy them!

Thread in the MyEVE section of the EVE forums; here.
Thread on the Genos Occidere forums; here.


  1. Lols at "... before whelping like a bunch of space clowns..."

    Yeah. But the last RvB-ganked I've been to I've even failed that! Doh!

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'll look into this. I think the little more "serious" approach suits me a little better than the general and mostly fun asshattery of gabked. ;)

  2. "because say, they're all frigate solo nutters."

    Hey now we could go on a very organized null sec roam. I bet we could get RR and links and all the good stuff and nothing and I mean nothing would ever go wrong...thats a lot of "ands."