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The Genesis Project, part two, Makh Constellation

For the second part of my Genesis Project series I'm going to go into the lay of the land around Genesis starting off with the Makh Constellation. As I recommend in my previous blog that you use the Itrin system as your entry point into Genesis lowsec I kind of have to start off with Makh as Itrin is part of it.
Makh is made up out of 6 systems; Itrin, Keri, Saphthar, Bantish, Lela & Korridi

Itrin is a medium sized system with all the inner planets (1-6) within scan range of each other, planet 7 -which has 3 belts- however is not on scan from the other planets (or from the gate to Saphthar). Being a hi-sec border system you get the occasional adventurous explorer or mission runner so it's worth warping around to check. The Aliastra station at planet 5 moon 19 is one of those HUGE docking ring Gallente stations and is frequently used as mid cyno station by carrier and jump freighter pilots. Itrin has no less then three hisec gates; Abhan, Asanot and Anzalaisio.

In the past this system has had 'inhabitants' but to my knowledge there's currently none.

Keri is a tiny dead end system accessible only via Itrin it has an ice belt but I've never ever seen anybody in it. Local usually has a few people however, most of these will likely be cyno alts because like Itrin, Keri is popular with capital pilots as a midway cyno. Regardless scanning the system is easy as everything is on directional from the only gate. If something shows up it may be worth looking for it, I caught a ratting Abaddon here once.
Saphthar is a bit of an odd system it's fairly popular with explorers and pve'ing battleships and battlecruisers are a more common sight here then you'd expect from a lowsec system, sadly they're quite often very skittish or will have backup only a couple of jumps out. Local nearly always has people here very often the same people that just sit in station all day. If you enter local here or in the neighbouring Naka & Bantish systems you can count on it that you've now been reported in the intel channels of Genesis less law abiding inhabitants. The system itself isn't very remarkable you can scan all the inner planets from near the star and the rest can be scanned from its respective gates.

Bantish is a intersection system, people moving from Genesis hisec (via Bherdasopt) or from Aridia through lowsec towards Kor-Azor or Kador pass through here. That also means that any large roaming fleets in the area tend to pass through here at some point. The system also has a silly number asteroid belts (40) the bulk of which are concentrated around planets 3, 5 & 6 the ones at planet six need to be scanned separately as they're not within range of the star cluster. Over the years the number of belts has attracted some loner carebear people that base here on and off, though currently there appear to be none. The two belts at planet eight are on scan from the gate to our next stop Lela. It is also worth noting that none of the gates here are on scan from each other.
Lela is most notable for being a dead end system with a 1/10 PLEX in it that has regular farmers, there's another identical 1/10 only 5 jumps away in Partod and they tend to travel between them. The PLEX is a little over 17au from the in gate meaning that you'll have to move in system if you don't want to warp to it blindly, sadly doing that also means you loose precious time reducing the chance you'll catch somebody running it, the choice is yours, I'm the brave type myself ;-) If you fancy making some ISK yourself the plex drops c-type corpii loot and has a re-spawn rate of around an hour.

Our final stop for today is Korridi, a tiny system bordering Bantish and Gonditsa it's usually rather quiet but worth checking anyway I got a Hulk here at least once and a couple of ratters/missioners over the years as well. The system is only about 10au across so it can be scanned quite quickly. Pay attention to who you engage here though the neighbouring Gonditsa system is home to Dark Solar Empire so if you catch one of theirs (or their alt corp Angel's of Sin) unless you can kill it quickly you might find reinforcements ruining your fun.
For the next part of “The Genesis Project” I’ll go into the Aven Constellation.

For now, fly smart!


The Genesis Project is a series of blogs about living in and roaming around Aridia, Genesis, Kador & Kor-Azor low security space written from the perspective of a soloist.

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