Friday, November 25

The Genesis Project, part one, Getting In

For the first blog of my Genesis project series I’m going to go into how to actually get there with either your combat ship or your hauler alt. First things first and all that!

Now nearly everybody that has ever travelled between the Gallente/Caldari trade hubs and the Amarr/Minny ones will have passed through northern* Genesis at some point. All roads lead to, well through really, Ourapheh. Doing the Sisters of EVE epic mission arc will also send you too and through this part of Genesis a lot.
Far less people will have ever travelled to southern* Genesis however, the high security Charak & Reya constellations are well of the main travel routes and the only common reason for people to go that way if for a pilgrimage to the EVE Gate in the nearby New Eden system.

But I am not a pilgrim nor much of a lore fanatic and I suspect most of my readers aren't either, we want to go to Genesis to make stuff explode and thus need to travel into low security space.

The route in, if you let the autopilot plot it from northern Genesis will send you through either Gonditsa or Antem, I suggest you punch the autopilot in the face and ignore those suggestions altogether, why?
Gonditsa is the home system of the Dark Solar Empire alliance and they camp the gate in from high security space (Bherdasopt) pretty much full time using that gate is an excellent way to end up on their killboard.
Antem used to be the home system of Chain of Chaos alliance and they used to do the exact same to the in gate from high security (Imya) there. I’m using past tense here because this alliance has since fail cascaded in no small part due to machinations by the aforementioned Dark Solar Empire, I could write and entire separate blog on that drama, but suffice it to say DSE and cronies now ‘own’ both the gates, and thus we don’t want to use them.

Luckily there’s another way in through Itrin, which for two reasons is pretty much never camped. The first reason being that the autopilot seems oblivious to the fact the system even exists, and the second one being it has no less then three hisec gates and is thus hard to camp effectively.
Theoretically somebody could camp the gate from Itrin to Saphthar the next jump in but that is in a pipe that’s heavily travelled by roaming gangs during peak hours and most campers are not fond of things that can actually really shoot at them... Hence it is rarely if not never actually camped.

Now if you come in from the south via Kor-Azor the autopilot will conspire to see you brutally murdered in Ami or alternatively one jump further down in Fensi. So again just ignore the autopilot suggestion. Don’t let Aura’s soothing voice fool you, she really is a sadistic AI bitch out to kill you.
Instead plot a course to the high security system of Shokal (nope no venice beach sorry) and jump from there into either Atarli or Zatamaka which are also rarely camped or even traveled for that matter.

Once you are actually past the low sec entry gates and you’re not an idiot you shouldn't have trouble to keep a frigate, fast cruiser or T2 hauler alive. As a good friend of mine -who has since gone on to win EVE and doesn't log in anymore- used to say; sharks swim just under the surface.

For the next part of “The Genesis Project” I’ll go into the lay of the land in Genesis low security space itself.

For now, fly smart!


*southern and northern referring to their relative positions on and

The Genesis Project is a series of blogs about living in and roaming around Aridia, Genesis, Kador & Kor-Azor low security space written from the perspective of a soloist.

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